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Our Vision & Mission

St thomas College
Next to excellence, comes the appreciation of it.

Our goal is not to be the ‘biggest’ or ‘leading’ School in India, but to stand apart as the most trusted – by the people we work with, as well as the people we work for. Any other milestone achieved along the way is a corollary of trust and an unflinching commitment to ethics.

C caring for each other
O offering forgiveness
M making justice our concern
M maximizing self esteem.
I inspiring faith in Christ
T trusting and being trustworthy
T taking stewardship seriously
E enabling growth and learning
D dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of truth

The Mission

'Steadfast in faith' we aim to rise above the ordinary by developing education which can transform lives and communities. Inspired by our faith in Christ and together with our parents, and communities, we aim for each person to reach their full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit.
Everyone in our school community deserves to be cared for unconditionally and valued equally as a unique creation, made in the image of God. In our learning, in our work, in our relationships and in the ways in which we organize our community we are committed to:

The core values of our school community are:

Victory for Values: Our soul is a set of values that define us collectively, and strengthen our actions and every transaction. These include:

Agility, of speed and suppleness, that helps us act in manner that makes a difference today and prepare for the future with open arms.

Team Spirit, that believes 'I' will only succeed if 'We succeed'

Learning, individually and collectively with pride and the belief that in the long run, it pays!

Meritocracy, a system of performance management that recognizes both capability and capacity to create a high performance organization while nurturing the growth of an individual.

Community, Each one of us at St. Thomas’ College is committed to contribute in enriching the world around us - whether it is our colleagues or our industry to which we contribute.

A Passion for Excellence: Well defined roles, clarity of goals, transparency of results, and powerful rewards and recognition programmes help us unleash the amazing talent in our School. We enable our students with the right tools, infrastructure and values, and believe passionately in our students career and personality development, and see our success in their success.

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