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Rules for Students & Staff

St thomas College
True wisdom for a general is vigorous determination.


The tone and discipline of St. Thomas' remains unchanged and with God's blessings, we continue to live upto the expectations of parents, students, friends and well wishers, and the present & past Thomasians continue to follow the motto of the Institution "Build ye High and Build ye True".


  1. If the College fees are not paid by the end of the month for which they are due, the Principal reserves the right to strike off the name of the child without notice. A sum, as specified in the fee slips periodically, as Re-admission fee and in addition a fine will be charged before the child is allowed to attend class. The Principal reserves the right to refuse Re-admission, and to issue a Transfer Certificate only when all the dues of the College are cleared in full.
  2. A pupil who fails for two years in succession in any class will not be allowed to stay in College in the next calendar year, neither those who have failed in the I.C.S.E. (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination) nor I.S.C. (Year 12) (Indian School Certificate Examination).
    Those students wishing to join Class XI at the commencement of the College academic year will be granted a Provisional Admission, subject to their qualifying in the I.C.S.E. (Year 10) Council Examination. When the results are declared each year, failures among these WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to continue their studies here. All money deposited by way of fees will not be refunded in such cases. The caution money deposited, however, will be made available on leaving.
  3. Any pupil whose conduct, progress and application are unsatisfactory may be required to leave the College.
  4. A pupil is liable to removal from the College if no satisfactory explanation is received from the parent/guardian for the following breaches of the disciplinary rules:
    (a) Habitual unpunctuality;
    (b) Irregular attendance;
    (c) Absence from College for 30 days in succession, without any intimation.
  5. A pupil is liable to immediate removal from the College for the following reasons:
    (a) Insubordination to a member of the College Staff;
    (b) Deliberate disobedience of order given by a member of the College Staff;
    (c) Copying or cheating in Tests/Examinations;
    (d) Conduct or example in or out of College which may be determined by the Principal to be detrimental to the general good of the College.
  6. The students, who once fail in the ICSE (Year 10) Examination and subsequently pass it in the succeeding year as a private candidate, will not be granted admission into Class XI in this institution.
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